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Marskin Vorschmack: Delicious la carte dish as preserved form

Formerly, Finnish Marshal Mannerheim's favourite dish, vorschmack has been served only as an  la carte course in a few Finnish restaurants, because its cooking method takes a plenty of time. Nordic Deli's preserved Marskin Vorschmack has vorschmack's delicious taste as its best, ready to be served after heating. 

Marskin Vorschmack has been made from high-quality mutton and beef, herring, anchovy, spices and cognac. Marskin Vorschmack is free from preservatives and can be stored as unopened at room temperature.

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Vorschmack history

The recipe of vorschmack came to Finland at the beginning of 1900's. According to legend, famous Finnish Marshal Mannerheim visited Warsaw Officers' club in Poland, where vorschmack was served. He found vorschmack so tasty, that he took the recipe with him to Finland. At first he proposed the recipe to hotel Kmp's restaurant, but they were not interested of his idea. Then he took the recipe to Savoy Restaurant in Helsinki, where vorschmack is still one of the most favourite dishes. 

The origin of Vorschmack is not know, but this type of dish has been served in Russia, Poland, Austria and Germany. The name of this delicious dish has come from German language.

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