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Nordic Deli - Marskin Vorschmack 

Nordic Deli's Marskin Vorschmack – the legendaric, famous Finnish Marshal Mannerheimīs favourite, meat-herring delicacy available now in easily fixed form!

Vorschmack has an interesting history in Finnish food culture. According to the legend, at the beginning of 1900's Finnish Marshal Mannerheim visited Warsaw Officer's club in Poland, where Vorschmack was served. He found Vorschmack so tasty, that he took the recipe with him to Finland. That delicious and unique taste is now found in Nordic Deliīs Marskin Vorschmack. This legendaric Finnish Marshal Mannerheimīs delicacy will crown the banquet, and makes your everyday lunch or dinner to feel like a celebration.

Welcome to Nordic Deli's world of tastes!


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93601 Kuusamo 
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Marskin Vorschmack: Delicious á la carte dish as preserved form 

Serve Marskin Vorscmack as heated with potatoes, picklet cucumbers, red beet and sour cream. For drink we recommend Marskin ryyppy sanaps and cold beer with the meel.

Marskin ryyppy snaps

Marskin Vorschmack can be also served as a savoury on cocktail parties or evening gatherings.

Serving suggestions